Review of API Semi-Hex Aquarium Kit

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4/5 on May 27, 2017

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  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Solid construction.
  • Feeding port allows for nourishment of aquarium life.
  • Powerful, high-quality filtration system.
  • Good price-quality ratio.


  • Hood does not allow viewing from top.
  • Does not come with gravel.


The API Semi-Hex Kit is an easy-to-use aquarium kit that features a solid construction with a feeding port that allows for easy maintenance of the aquarium environment, as well as adequate removal of toxic substances.

This is a semi-hex aquarium kit that offers a panoramic view of the fish life. It is designed and manufactured by KollerCraft. It comes with efficient multi-colored LED lighting and its filter system operates quietly to clean and detoxify the water. It affords unrivaled benefits to the user, regardless of its 2 shortcomings which are listed hereafter, alongside a fair verdict. This is followed by the full review.

Overview of API Semi-Hex Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and Internal Filter

The API Semi-Hex Kit is made of the high-quality impact-resistant acrylic case. Its capacity is 6.5 gallons. The fully set-up kit measures 18 inches in length, and its width and height are 13.5 inches and 11 inches respectively. The empty kit weighs about 5.8 pounds. Its shipping weight is about 5.9 pounds, and this indicates that the kit is shipped in a ready-to-use state. This makes it ideal for novices and beginner aquarists who can start using the out-of-the-box kit. Likewise, this indicates that the kit comes with all its integral features fully integrated into the fish tank and hood.

It has a solid construction that features a unique tank whose transparent walls allows the observer to view the aquarium life in the kit. The shape of this fish tank is best described as semi-hex, and it is the most-defining feature of the entire kit, with some aquarists describing this tank as stadium-shaped. The kit size allows it to be fitted in any room which does not have lots of space.

The kit has a full black hood that is made from high-quality break-resilient plastic. The hood features a feeding port that allows the aquarist to drop food into the fish tank without laboring to remove and replace the hood. On the underside of this hood is fitted a LED lighting fixture.

The LED lighting fixture houses a series of colored LED lights which can produce seven distinct colors; white, aqua, blue, purple, amber, red, and green. Furthermore, the owner can select the light color, and this allows the kit to light up in a color that is congruent with the prevailing mood of the observer. The LED fixture also supports dynamic lighting modes which allow for color blending and seamless color transitions.

The fish tank is fitted with a Superclean-10 internal filter whose seamless operations greatly reduce the need for regular maintenance. This filter is fitted with an API-Crystal Bio-CChem-ZORB cartridge which can be easily detached from the filter and then replaced. This cartridge cleans debris from the water, as well as eliminates odors and discolorations.

The kit comes with an easy-to-follow Perfect Start Program that directs a novice owner on how to set-up the aquatic environment and then manage it properly.

The product is specially designed for culturing small fish, including guppies, beta, and tetra. The kit is shipped along with an API Perfect Start, and free food sample that consists of tropical flakes made by API.

How the tank works?

The kit comes in a ready-to-use state but this does not mean that one can pour in tap water and then place the fish inside. First of all, the tank needs to be cleaned. After this is done, tap water that will be placed in the aquarium needs to be conditioned. Afterwards, gravel is placed in the tank, alongside decorations. Afterwards, the conditioned water is poured into the tank, and the aquatic seedlings planted into the gravel bed. Later on, fish are placed. Fish metabolism and excretion sets in the nitrogen cycle, which allows nitrogenous waste to be detoxified by aquatic bacteria and the filtration system. At the same time, the oxygen cycle allows the plant life to thrive as the fish benefit from constant oxygenation of the water.

Price-Benefits Appraisal

The API Semi-Hex Kit retails quite a low-cost in relation to its feature-rich design and integrated kit construction. Likewise, it is long-lasting; and it can be deduced that the price-tag is much lower than the benefits one can get from this kit. Therefore, the product has an exceptional price-to-benefits ratio.

What Customers Say about this product?

The kit is popular in the market. Most people praise it for its low price and feature-rich design. Other like it because of its out-of-box, ready-to-use advantage. Likewise, most aquarium enthusiasts praise it because it does not require regular maintenance.

Warranty Status

This 6.5 gallons kit benefits from a 90-day warranty provided by the manufacturer KollerCraft.

Final Thoughts

API Semi-Hex is an easy-to-use kit that features a solid construction with a feeding port that allows for easy maintenance of the whole ecosystem. It is designed to create a luxurious and safe environment for small fish and aquatic plants to thrive. If you desire an affordable, easy-to-maintain, and easy-to-use, consider purchasing the API Semi-Hex Aquarium Kit.

We are giving four stars for this compact product. It comes everything you need to set up beautiful under water worold.

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