Review of Coralife Fish-Tank LED BioCube-Aquarium

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4.4/5 on August 14, 2017

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  • 3-sides transparent fish tank that does not distort view.
  • Simple setup process.
  • Low maintenance kit.
  • Sleek design.
  • Customizable filtration system.


  • Heavy.
  • Works poorly during power blackouts.


Coralife BioCube is an aquarium starter kit with a submersible pump that is designed with an integrated 24-hour timer and customizable built-in filtration system; while its vibrant LED-based lighting and sleek hood bring the ambiance of a small coral reef environment into a room.

Coralife BioCube is an aquarium starter kit designed with an integrated 24-hour timer and customizable built-in filtration system. It’s vibrant LED-based lighting and sleek hood brings the ambiance of a small coral reef environment into a room. The fish tank is made of a strong transparent material on the front and sides, with the front panel smoothly curving around to form the side panels on either side.

This kit features a submersible pump whose dual inlet allow adequate volumes of water to be pumped around. This model is also built to mimic the natural daily cycle using its sunset/sunrise and moonrise/moonset programmable functions. This kit still has 2 disadvantages, both listed below, and followed by a verdict and review. The product is manufactured by Coralife.

Overview of Coralife LED BioCube Aquarium features

Coralife BioCube is a compactly-designed aquarium kit that weighs about 56 pounds and is about 21.9 inches long, 20.2 inches wide, and 21.5 inches tall. Its model number is 100530107.

The canopy, back panel, and bottom plate are black in color, while the rest of the tank is transparent with its edges smoothly curved. Therefore, one can view the coral life from 3 sides. This makes it advisable for one to set this kit against the wall as the opaque back panel does not allow for viewing, and hence can be set against a wall.

The hinge-top design of this model gives it a nice a sleek appearance. Likewise, the hood conceals tubes and cords, which enhances its appearance.

Submersible pump

CBioCube comes with a submersible pump which operates quietly. This pump features a dual intake along
with an adjustable return nozzle. This pump is connected to the built-in filtration system. This filtration system can be customized by the owner, and its compact design allows for easy maintenance. Likewise, it can be easily setup once it has been removed from the tank to be cleaned.

The filtration system features three rear chambers. One chamber is for algae and bacteria to grow, another
chamber holds the submersible pump, and the last chamber houses the heater and phosphorus-based filtering media.

Temperature control system

This electrically-powered kit features a fully-functional temperature control mechanism that allows the water in the tank to be held within a narrow range of normal temperature that promotes fish life and growth of plants. It also has cooling fans whose main function is to cool the LED lights and filters.

24-hour timer

There is a 24-hour timer that is integrated into the construction of the hood (sometimes called lid). The function of this timer is to allow the user to set a day-night light sequence, with the timer ensuring that the LED chips light up accordingly based on this sequence.

This timer has 3 independent channels which light up 3 different groups of LED chips so as to illuminate the tank with one of the following 3 lights; sparkling blue light, bright white light, and color-enhanced blue/white light. In this set-up, the white light mimics solar light, while the blue light mimics moonlight, with sunset/moonrise and sunrise/moonset being mimic by color-enhanced white and blue light

This model also comes with sunset/sunrise and moonrise/moonset functions which can be programmed to work at set times. When the sunrise/sunset function is set, it works automatically for 30 minutes, that is when the set time arrives, this function lights up specific LED lights that mimic sunset or sunrise color ambiance, and these lights stay on for 30 minutes. On the other hand, the moonrise/moonset function works automatically for 60 minutes.

How BioCube works?

This is designed for growing coral life and enhancing fish health. It comes ready assembled, with the user being required to set-up the pump and filtration system; while laying particulate material at the base of the tank. Afterward, marine plants are planted in the bottom layer, and then well-selected living corals are placed into the tank. Thereafter, a few fishes of choice are placed into the fish tank, after the water temperature has been set to a specific narrow range.

A few words about the price

The product retails for a quite reasonable price, which is justifiable as it covers the cost of high-quality materials, superb design, and high-grade filtration technology used. Likewise, this kit is durable and easy to set-up, with very little maintenance needed.

What customers say about BioCube Fish Tank?

This model is sold through, and here, customers have given it a favorable review, with most praising it for being affordable and easy-to-use. Still, almost all customers love it for its white and colored LED lights. Others value it as a durable aquarium kit that supports coral growth as well as nurtures fish.

Final Thoughts

This fish tank has LED lights that have been integrated into the kit. It is designed
with an integrated 24-hour timer and customizable built-in filtration system; while its vibrant LED-based lighting and sleek hood bring the ambiance of a small coral reef environment into a room. If you are looking for a high-quality aquarium kit that is lit by integrated LED chips, you should consider Coralife BioCube.

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