Fluval Underwater Filter Review

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4/5 on February 13, 2017

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  • The filter is very quiet which ensures that it does not disturb anyone.
  • The filter media can be changed very easily, and as a result of it there is zero chances of contamination.
  • As it is submerged, there is no worry about the filter burning off or getting dry even when when there is no electricity.
  • The filter starts automatically, as soon as the power is restored.
  • The parts of the filter can be changed, as and when required, in order to save the useful bacteria.
  • The foam pads can be taken out and cleaned. In case of replacement as well.
  • It is very simple to install and maintain.


  • The filter sometimes find it tough to clear the excess debris, which animals like turtles, produce.


One of the best internal filters. It is capable of providing complete water filtration process including supplemental, chemical, mechanical and biological filtration.

A proper underwater filter is needed to ensure, a safe aquatic environment for fishes. Here comes our review of Fluval Underwater Filter. The customers have rated this product as one of the best models, available in the market. It is capable of providing complete filtration. When you purchase an internal filter, you should not only look for supplemental filtration but also chemical, mechanical and biological filtration. This is ideal for all the cases. The compact design of the products allows for maximum swimming space beside keeping the water crystal clear. Let´s take a closer look at this product.

First impressions of Fluval Underwater Filter

Hagen, the manufacturer of Fluval brand, is a known name in affordable aquarium filtration equipment. The product comes up with a siphon, which sucks up the water, which is ideal for turtle tanks, which have low water levels.

The product is priced at very reasonable. There are varios models for different sized tanks. You can choose the best size based on your aquarium actual size.

If you need of optimal biological filtration, this is the ideal choice. Installation is quite simple and easy. The silence with which the machine works is an additional advantage besides its efficiency, this does not disturb anyone with crazy noises!

It is a perfect choice in the category of stand-alone models. It is also perfect for those situations, where external filtration is not possible.

The product comes with a 3-way flow control with adjustable outputs, 2 foam pad, and 2 poly/carbon cartridges.

How does it work?

The product comes with a 3 stage filtration process. It can be used for fresh, reptile or any other form of aquatic environment. In the first step, the foam removes the large particles. In the stage 2, the poly or the carbon cartridges trap the waste which are fine in nature. They are also capable of improving the clarity of water and removing the impurities. In the last and the final stage, BIOMAX provides maximum biological filtration.

The adjustable flow rate and directional output nozzles allows the direct movement of water if needed. Maximum circulation and oxygenation are ensured in all the versions. It works well, and is easy to use and maintain.

This models is suitable also for owners of tadpoles and turtles. Furthermore, it does not produce strong jets of water which may be harmful to the baby frogs when they are developing their legs and arms.

What customers have to say?

This is a highly recommended product. Most of the customers rate this as the best internal filter, available in the market.

The model is capable of providing all three types of filtration, chemical, biological and mechanical as already mentioned. It is also quite easy to install. The bracket system allows the removal of the filter without the need to remove the suction cups. Most of the satisfied customers report that the water stays much cleaner with the running of this filter.

Final thoughts – should you buy it?

The product is indeed a great choice for people who want a complete filtration process for their fish tanks, yet without a sound. When it comes to impeccable underwater aquarium filtration, Fluval has never disappointed the buyers. It offers new possibilities every time, for the best filtration.

We are giving also four stars for this product. It does it job, and it does it nicely.

Hopefully, you found some helpful things and ideas from this post! If you have any questions or comments about the product, please leave a reply below! Find more essential aquarium care tips and read our other reviews to find interesting and useful products and accessories for fish tanks.

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