Reveiw of Marina LED Aquarium Kit 20 Gallon

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4/5 on May 14, 2017

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  • Shipped as a ready-to-use.
  • Easy to use.
  • Large capacity 20-gallon fish tank.
  • Features a breathable canopy.
  • Uses LED lighting.
  • Maintains a healthy environment for fish survival.


  • Water balance can be lost during periods of power blackout.


Marina 20G LED is a 20-gallons ready-to-use, high-quality kit that provides a healthy environment for fish survival and optimal growth and development of aquatic plants

The Marina 20G LED is a high-quality aquarium kit that combines modern technology with high-standard water conditioning so as to create a healthy ecologic state inside the tank. Equally, it provides a totally hygienic environment that allows fish and related small aquatic life to flourish. This kit offers many advantages which are listed hereafter alongside its main disadvantage. This listing allows for a fair verdict to be made. This is followed by the full review.

Overview of Marina LED Aquarium Kit Features

The Marina 20G LED is a ready-to-use kit that has a volume capacity of 20 gallons. It is manufactured by Marina. It measures 24 inches in length, and its width and height are 12.5 inches and 16.5 inches respectively. Its easy-to-use features allow even a beginner aquarist. The kit weighs 35 pounds while empty. However, its shipping weight averages 36.7 pounds because it includes key accessories such as power cable,

It also comes along with an easy-to-follow CareGuide manual.

The fish tank is built using tough transparent glass. The glass walls not only the observer to view the aquarium, but the glass itself is non-oxidizing and this inert property allows the user to fill the aquarium with salty water. Generally, ordinary glasses are corroded by salt water because it contains soluble acidic compounds and other reactive chemicals which when in contact with a glass surface trigger an oxidation reaction.

The products of this oxidation reaction do pollute the aqueous environment in the tank, hence leading to an imbalance in the nitrogen and carbon cycles which are critical to the survival of the fish. Thus the high-quality non-reactive glass material used to build this 20-gallon kit does promote a stable water condition while maintaining the ecological balance in the aquarium environment. Still, there are other conditions which must be fulfilled for the ecosystem to be optimized.

The canopy is a hardened plastic hood onto which a LED strip is fitted on its inner surface. This LED strip holds the LED lights in place. There is also a power cable attached to the black-colored canopy, and this cable relays electricity to the LED lights. LED lights are preferable over ordinary lights because their lighting module mimics natural daylight. This allows aquatic plants to grow, develop, and produce nutrients through natural photosynthesis.

These plants also sequester some of the compounds that are excreted by the fish hence detoxifying the tank. Plants also support the nitrate-metabolizing bacteria in the tank. This not only improves the critical nitrogen cycle, but these nitrate-based compounds are metabolized by the plants alongside carbon dioxide, and the net products of metabolism include the life-essential oxygen gas which the fish breathe.

Therefore, the aquatic plants support the life-critical oxygen cycle. The canopy also does allow ambient oxygen to get into the tank, and this canopy, therefore, supports gaseous exchange across the water surface.

The fish tank kit is superbly designed to fit in the essential accessories including the filter system. This filter system is the patented Marina Slim S20, which is a clip-on filter that is fitted with premium quick-change filter cartridges.

This product comes along with fish food and water conditioner. This eliminates the need of the user purchasing these items separately. The water conditioner gadget controls the water status. This is critical as unconditioned tap water quickly accumulate toxic substance because some of these toxic compounds bind to the soluble minerals in the tap water, hence making them unavailable to both plants and the natural detoxification processes.

This kit is shipped with its own custom fish net, which can be used to separate the fish when cleaning the tank.

How does the kit work?

The tank is first cleaned before contents are placed inside. Once the plants have been placed in the aquarium alongside the fish, the nitrogen cycle begins as fish excrete nitrogenous wastes that are detoxified by a bacteria population that can metabolize both nitrate and nitrite compounds. This detoxification process supports aquatic life.

Price-Benefit Assessment

The products retail for a relatively low price, especially when its high-quality build is considered alongside the accessories provided and the quality of service this kit offers. Therefore, it has an exceptional benefits-to-price ratio.

What Customers Say

Reviews shows that it is loved in the market. In fact, most aquarists praise and even rate it as the best aquarium in the 20G category. Others value it because it provides a healthy ecosystem. Still, other love it because it is an affordable, feature-rich high-quality product.

Warranty Status

Manufacturer offers a 12-months warranty for the product.


Marina 20G LED is an affordable, durable, and well-designed high-quality product that combines modern technology with hygienic features to allow for the sustenance of a healthy environment. If you need a reliable high-quality kit, this is a good choice.

We are giving four stars for this product. It looks beautiful, is big enough for plenty of fish and comes with everything needed.

Hopefully, you found some helpful things and ideas from this post! If you have any questions or comments about the product, please leave a reply below! Read other fish tank kit reviews and learn more about setting up the new aquarium.

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