Review of Marineland ML90609 Portrait 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit

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4.4/5 on August 19, 2017

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  • Superb construction quality.
  • Easy-to-maintain aquarium kit.
  • Easy to install.
  • Fish tank and base made of thick curved and transparent glass.
  • Uses an advanced 3-stage filtration system.
  • Uses white LEDs to shine a shimmering light and blue LEDs to produce a relaxing moonlight shine.
  • Has a hinged transparent glass canopy.


  • Power blackouts interfere with its operations.
  • Glass canopy does not slide to fit well into the front corners hence leaving visible gaps.
  • Horizontal supports for the filtration pump have sharp edges that can cut user during maintenance.


Marineland ML90609 is a compactly-designed and durable electrically-powered desktop aquarium
kit that features a slick hinged glass canopy, and its front and side walls are made from transparent and contoured glass which gives the owner full view of aquarium life.

Marineland ML90609 is a compactly-designed, durable top-quality and complete 5-gallon capacity aquarium kit that comes with a strong, yet transparent glass canopy. This kit is specially built to enhance fish health without compromising on the aesthetics of the room. To improve aesthetics, it uses 2 distinct groups of LED chips to create a shimmering white light that is well-diffracted with a luxurious blue moonlight glow.

Its front and side panels of the fish tank are made of durable, high-grade fully-transparent glass, while the black back panel features an advanced 3-stage filtration system that has an adjustable-flow filter pump. This model clearly benefits the user, but there are also disadvantages which are listed below and followed by full review of this five gallon fish tank.

Overview of Aquarium Kit Features

This is a well-designed, top-quality curved glass kit with a volume capacity of 5 gallons. Its superb transparent construction allows for fish to be visible as if they were swimming across a beautiful portrait, hence its designation as a portrait type of a set. This model is designed and developed by MarineLand, a subsidiary of Spectrum Brands, Inc.

It is specially-built to nurture Betta fish. These Siamese fighting fish have a colorful body, that is well-accentuated by its multi-colored tail fins and side fins.

This compactly-designed, lightweight kit weighs only about 12 pounds when empty and its nearly-square base is 11.8 inches long, and 11.6 inches wide; with the kit height being 17 inches. The kit height not only increases the tank capacity in relation to its relatively small base, but it also improves the view by giving a portrait view, and the owner can even photograph the aquarium life without encountering any form of light distortion. It’s 5-gallon capacity is adequate to setup plants and nurture several small fishes, with the priority being given to the multi-colored Betta fish.

Along the set, height is marking that indicate the minimum and maximum water levels. Its top is covered by a glass canopy, which allows one to view fish life directly from above. This glass canopy can slide across the walls of the tank, and this allows the owner to quickly drop feedings.

This model uses an energy-efficient LED-based lighting system. The LED lights are hinged, and this allows the user to easily access them while opening the fish tank. These LED lights are grouped into 2 LED panels based on the quality of light they produce. There is the white LED panel which shines a shimmering light whose lighting effect mimics solar light as it appears in ocean water. Then there is the blue LED chips to produce moonlight glow whose relaxing effect improve the room ambiance.

This electrically-powered fish tank kit features a superb circuit design that favors energy efficiency and protection against water-induced short circuits. There is also a 3-way switch which operates to toggle the lighting scheme across three settings; blue-light only, off, and white-and-blue light.

Its 3-stage filtration system is well-concealed in the back-panel. This filtration system uses a filter pump whose flow rate is adjustable to push water through a Marineland Bio-Foam and Rite-Size Z Cartridge. This filtration system is concealed from view, hence does not distort the appearance of the aquatic life in the tank.

How the five gallon fish tank kit works?

This 5 gallon aquarium kit is an electrically-powered and it is shipped in a pre-assembled state, and the user needs to assemble it according to the instruction laid out in its instruction manual. Afterwards, the fully-assembled set must be installed at a pre-determined location in the room, preferably on top of a shock-absorbing material. Then, it must be plugged into a power outlet; and its LED lighting scheme set.

The adjustable-flow filtration pump is critical for the survival of Betta fish, a marine species that cannot withstand strong water currents. By adjusting the flow rate down, this set allows water to be added into the tank while ensuring that the Bettas still experience a stress-free environment.

Is this aquarium starter kit worth of the money?

The product retails for a reasonable price. This quite a  low price-tag allows a customer to acquire a well-designed aquarium starter kit, whose contoured corners are supported by solid construction featuring transparent high-grade glass. Likewise, it is durable, lightweight, and provides superb views of aquarium life.

What other customers say about the product?

Customers have favorably reviewed this product. Most customers praise its superb design, lightweight construction, and use of contoured glass corners that allow people to see inside the tank from the front and sides. Also, some customers praise it for being an affordable high-quality set. Others value its durability.

What is the warranty?

The product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty guaranteed by Spectrum Brands, Inc.


The product is a compactly-designed, desktop fish tank kit that is electrically-powered and made to nurture fish life with its slick hinged glass canopy allowing for easy access into the frameless glass tank. If you need a quality aquarium starter kit whose capacity approximates 5-gallons, then Marineland ML90609 Portrait is a good choice.

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