Understanding Fish Compatibility


If you own aquarium fish or are considering keeping some, one of the most important things to take into consideration is fish compatibility. It is important to know about compatibilities, so you can build an environment that is safe. Furthermore, you need to know the food types thwy will need and of course, you must learn how to care your fish, the tank, and the whole ecosystem within it. Understanding compatibility ensures you provide them the best environment to live and thrive.

Compatibility with other species

Before you purchase aquarium fish, you have to know if they can live together. If you already have some, you have to know if the new species is compatible with your existing population. Beyond compatibility, consider the size of the fish. In the most cases, small species cannot be stocked together with bigger ones. It is extremely important to check always if they can co-exist before putting them in the same tank.

Fish and water temperature

Tropical species are highly dependent on water temperature. Usually, they thrive well in an average temperature of about 80 Fahrenheit. However, this is only an average value, different species require a specific water temperature range. You might need a heater to maintain the required temperature. You need to check what is the optimal living temperature for fish you are considering to get, and if your existing ones can live in that temperature.

Food requirements

What to feed is another thing worth considering. You need to know if the type of fish you bought eat plants, live food, meat or fish food only. This is crucial because you have to give them the right nutrients or it could lead to sickness and diseases that could result in death.

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Fish in a new environment

One thing to consider is that some aquarium fish might have come directly from their natural environment in the wild, whether salt or fresh water. Due to this, it is important to understand the compatibility of your fish with the new environment. You need to know if they have any special needs such as pH levels or a specific set up such as rocks for hiding etc. Live plants or plastic and what type of lighting they may need.

Providing a favorable environment with the right conditions for all species is key to the successful aquarium hobby. Any time you decide on keeping some fish, conduct research to determine the water conditions they prefer, their growth rate and size, their behavior, feeding habits and food preferences.

Also consider whether they are slow or fast moving, whether they prefer to be reared with others of their species, whether they are fin nippers, passive, shy, aggressive, or territorial. All these affect their living. They are living creatures, and it is your responsibility to provide the best possible living conditions for them.

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