How to Get Rid of High Toxin Levels and Excessive Waste In Aquarium

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If you have high toxin levels and a lot of waste in an aquarium, it could look difficult to get rid of those. However, it is not so complicated at all, it can be done quite easily just by flushing the tank. The main objective of flushing the tank is to remove nearly all of old water through a series of partial water changes. In other words, you need to change it in smaller quantity, but at a fast pace. This way you will not put unnecessary stress on fish and the whole ecosystem of the aquarium.

After the initial problem is solved, you need to do partial changes regularly to prevent high toxin levels rising again. Furthermore, those will prevent excessive waste and various the disease and parasites.

Here is a short’s guide how to get rid of high toxin levels and excessive waste doing a water change the right way.

You need to do a series of changes in the following steps.

First change of water

  • Half of the water in the tank should be removed.
  • Before putting replacement water in the tank, it needs to be treated with conditioner.
  • Don’t put all of the new water immediately there. You need to pour it in in small quantities. Before putting more water in the tank you should wait for 15- 30 minutes.

The slow pace of first water change will keep the fish stress free as it will help them adjust with fresh water.

Second change of water

Just after refilling the tank you should again remove half of its water. This time you need not fill it up in the above-mentioned steps as the fish have become already familiar with the changes of water.

After changing the water second-time you should not wait more than 60 minutes to change its half water 2-3 times more.

For instance, if you have to flush out 20-gallon tank water. At first, you will remove 10-gallon water but replace only with 5 gallons of fresh water and fill it to the top with 5-gallon water more, after waiting for 15-30 minutes.

Then instantly you will remove and replace 10 gallon water for the second time and repeat this process for 2-3 times more after an hour.

Thus all the old water will be replaced with clean and fresh water after completion of this process. But during this process tank’s filter should not be touched even to keep intact its colony of bacteria that removes remaining ammonia from the tank water.

Do water changes regularly

This flushing process is only for the situations if you need to get rid of toxins or waste. Regular changes can be done partially. Regular partial changes can prevent problems caused by the exhausted old water. However, if you are unsure about the problem affecting the fish then tank flush is the best solution.

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